Our unique set of 100% in-house developed products cover a large range of solutions. From SaaS and Mobile platforms to dedicated WMS and TMS solutions.

Integrated solutions

we have over 300 years of combined working experience and knowledge in building complex integration solutions with multiple formats and types of transportation

ERP including SAP, JDE, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Pronto and others
Carrier Solutions including DHL, TNT, Startrack, Auspost and others
Automation systems including AGV, ASRS, Applicators, Palletiser’s, Layer/Carton Pickers
Label printers directly and via Label software

We provide initial scoping, planning of file formats and layout, development and testing through to implementation.

We can provide these services for all parties including 3PL providers and their customers.

Integration Gateway – a cloud-based solution for the increasing demands of systems relating to integration challenges both internally and externally for your organisation. The Gateway has the ability to process any type of integration formats between multiple systems quickly and easily.

A singular connection between a new client into your Network providing both data security and validation checks, prior to passing into your Network providing protection to your organization, boosting your Cyber Security.

We will work with you to define the rules which will allow you to manage data to produce customised reporting including a suite of dynamic Dashboards.

We also offer High Availability Solutions that provide multiple independent Cloud Data Centre’s which balances resource demand to ensure optimum performance and high levels of redundancy (DR).

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