EV20 joins Government ICT Services Scheme

EV20 Consulting Group has been announced as a pre-qualified supplier of the Government ICT Services Scheme.

The ICT Services Scheme is a whole-of-government mandated arrangement for procuring ICT goods and services through contracts to the value of up to $150,000.

EV20 successfully satisfied seven of the scheme’s 18 categories, which align with the NSW Government Beyond Digital Strategy, a comprehensive approach to ensure that Governments harness new, innovative and effective approaches.

EV20 qualifies in the following categories:

  1. Architecture & Design
  2. Strategy
  3. ICT Programs
  4. Server Management
  5. Systems & Solutions
  6. Learning Services
  7. ERP and related corporate & shared services

“This result is testament to EV20 customer references, testimonials and demonstration of capabilities,” said Chris Pearce, Executive Chairman, EV20 Consulting Group. “We would like to thank our customers for offering their time and feedback to assist in our application.

“We look forward to bringing similar innovative and effective solutions to Government agencies,” he said.

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