3.03 Certifications

Once you’ve followed the Getting Started tutorials and perhaps even built your first Project Plan, you are now ready to build the smarts behind your Resource Management Portal – SKILLS.

There are five components to Drive Lynx’s Skills Portal:




Leave Types

Industry Types

Each of the components results in returns on time investment when assigning resources to your projects.

Let’s get into it!

Click on the Menu item: SKILLS then Certifications.

Set Up Certifications For Skillsets

Certifications are the recognized qualifications in your line of business that are required to complete Tasks. By their nature, they require refresher units to stay current.

Certification listings are easy to create. Simply click on the + Add New button to add a new Certificate line item, enter your Certificate name in the Description field and click SAVE.

All Certificates created, can then be added to a Skillset to further streamline any qualification requirements.

For more information on Skillsets, refer to Tutorial 3.02 Skillsets.

Here’s why you should take time to populate Certifications.

Drive Lynx Certifications lets you:

  • Allow Users to upload their Certificates to the Drive Lynx Portal for approval
  • Select resources based on skillsets that pertain to Certificates
  • Manage the currency of your project resources Certificates
  • Use the dashboard to review certificate expirations by User
  • Satisfy client requirements for qualified resources
  • Reduce risks to your business
  • Satisfy regulatory, safety and compliance requirements

Notifications will be sent advising what Certificates need to submitted based on Skillsets applied to the User.

It’s easy for project resources to upload Certificates to their User profile for review and approval (via the Drive Lynx Request Portal – Certificate Upload option).

This will provide Project Managers with the ability to allocate tasks to qualified resources while creating a Project Plan.